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We have been showing our support and gratitude to all our armed forces personnel for over ten years… just doing what seems right.

This is a copy of a letter we sent to all of our clients over ten years ago regarding our decision to add some additional wording to our vehicles, and if you would like to scroll to the bottom of the page you can see the videos of our ongoing commitment to showing our support.

This is a just quick note to firstly thank you for your continued patronage, especially in the current troubled financial times – your loyalty to Hodges is greatly appreciated.

Secondly, we hope we have your approval as this year we have made the decision to again donate the amount that we would normally spend on Christmas cards and postage to Charity.

This has been our normal practice for many years. In addition since last Christmas we have been collecting loose change from anyone who enters the office/workshop… all the men, any deliveries and even the bank manager!

To date there are nearly 2 full water dispenser bottles and we will confirm the full amount once all has been counted! This year we have decided to split this money 50/50 with half to be donated to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and half to be donated to the Help for Heroes Charity for wounded soldiers.

After very, very long deliberation we have taken the decision to put some additional wording on all our vans… it seems we have touched a nerve…for the good (thankfully). We have had numerous phones calls to the office, not just from clients but from the general public, who have actually taken the time to find our phone number (bearing in mind there are no phone numbers on any of our vans).

Letters have also been received and on one occasion a women was in tears in Central London as her son is currently serving in Iraq, thanking our operatives for the sentiments written on the van.

A soldier also took the time to wait for the driver to return to his van, on one of the busiest streets, on one of the busiest days in Central London to inform him of how much he appreciated what we have done and stood there… and saluted him!

So, in true Hodges fashion… our Man, dressed in Bib and Braces, paint pot and brush in hand, saluted him back!

And lastly a police car overtook one of the vans, slowed right down so the driver of our van had to pass him, the police then overtook us, put on his blue lights on for a few seconds and gave our driver the thumbs up! This will probably be THE ONLY time any employee from Hodges will be happy to see a blue light from a police car come on!

Hopefully we have your support – we are in no way playing with politics, just showing our support… nothing more.

It seems that showing appreciation and gratitude in writing has a more lasting effect, which brings us to the purpose of this letter, which is to thank and show to all our clients how much we appreciate you and how extremely grateful we are for your business.

So… Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from all at Hodges.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve.

It says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives. This includes offering injured servicemen and women and bereaved families extra support where appropriate.

We also take the opportunity to show our national pride and support for our armed forces on St. George’s Day and Armed Forces Day.

To watch our tributes please see the videos below.

But remember… speakers on FULL BLAST!


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